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Jen Pendleton
Founder of Temps On Tap

Jen has practiced for over a decade as a Registered Dental Hygienist throughout BC and Australia. As the daughter of two Dentists, she has a lifetime's worth of insight into the industry. Growing up in Kelowna, BC, Jen currently calls Vancouver her home.

Throughout her professional experience, Jen and her colleagues found a disconnect with traditional temp agencies in finding consistent work that aligned to their personalities and work/life preferences. Temps On Tap is a fresh approach to this model- eliminating the middleman and giving high quality Dental Professionals the option to find their best fit in the industry.

Dental Professionals and Offices are finally given the freedom of choice! Location, hours, shift availability, hourly rate, temporary or permanent, it's all up to you at the tap of your fingers. Jen's goal is to ensure everyone's life is easier so Dental Professionals can enjoy a positive work/life balance and Offices do not have to worry about losing production. Join Temps On Tap (for free) and see what simple can do for you!

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